Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Let's Kill Off the Most Criminal Corporation in the World

Hey wild one,
The next issue of Adbusters, hitting newsstands worldwide in a couple of weeks, is our CORPO issue. It asks this one profound question: in the age of Citizens United, can civil society — we, the people — still work up some leverage over corporate power?

We thought the first round of this epic struggle could be a global vote on the dirty dozen most hated, most criminal, corporations in the world … it’s up right now … Monsanto? ExxonMobil? Walmart? GM? Pfizer or Philip Morris???
Go to and cast your lot!
Once the votes are tallied, we’re going to blitz all the networks we have, and instigate the process of revoking this corporation’s charter. Imagine if we took down one of these behemoths. What a boon it would be to a slumbering subversion. It could be the spark that at long last ignites the beginnings of a new post-corporate age.
Help fire-up the Corporate Charter Revocation movement and sentence the #1 criminal corporation in the world to death.
For the wild,
Team Adbusters
P.S. Subscribe now and learn all about the Corporate Charter Revocation movement in the Corpo issue of our Blueprint for a New World series.

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