Time For a Hold on New Mine Proposals in British Columbia, Canada

David Suzuki Foundation
British Columbians watched news coverage of the Mount Polley Mine disaster with shock and concern after a collapsed dam released almost 15 million cubic metres of toxic effluent into the salmon-rich Quesnel River systems. In addition to concerns for area residents' immediate health and safety, dead fish are appearing and there are fears the spill could cause harm right up to the Fraser River. Details here.

Please Also read: "Huge Environmental Disaster at a British Columbia Gold Mine Follows Years of Government Warnings." 


John Fefchak said…
A tragedy that no one wanted or expected! Will this change anything or will governments continue to allow tailing ponds to victimize the people, our water sources, wildlife and and environment? These ponds are disasters just waiting to happen. (ticking time bombs)The Oil Tar Sand for instance , another government sponsored and promoted undertaking, with catastrophic consequences!

A full scale inquiry is in order now, and must be undertaken before all those responsible skip the country.

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