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Full Episode: Flight of the Bees (Video)

Global TV -   "16x9"  PLT photo. In this episode of 16×9: Honeybees in crisis – dying by the tens of millions. But it may be the human factor – our trust in science – that’s killing the species. Watch video here.

PinP Publisher Larry Powell to Take Part in a World Conference on Investigative Journalism in Winnipeg This Summer.

I am pleased to have been chosen to serve on a panel during the "Holding Power to Account" conference, at the University of Winnipeg, on June 13th, 14th and 15th. The event will explore the importance of the news medias' role in exposing corporate and political wrongdoing. There will be scores of speakers from no less than 5 continents. Among the featured speakers will be Peter Mansbridge, host of CBC TV's The National, Diana Swayne, the CBC's senior investigative correspondent and Carl Bernstein, part of the Washington Post team which exposed the Watergate scandal several years ago.  My panel will provide "a   showcase of co-operative and public radio pioneers and their work in holding the powerful to account." It is scheduled for 2.15 on the afternoon of Sat. June 14th. Please consider attending!

Unprecedented Glacier Melt in British Columbia, Canada Seeps Into Climate Change Concerns

CBC News Some B.C. glaciers losing 22 billion cubic metres of water. Full story here. Further east, the massive  Columbia Icefield in Alberta,  (r.) is receding, too. PLT photo.

Alberta Health Warns of High Levels of Mercury -a Potent Neurotoxin - in Northern Alberta Birds' Eggs

CBC News Alberta Health has issued a health warning about eggs from two northern lakes downstream from the oilsands after they were found to contain dangerous levels of mercury.  Details here. Related:   Manitoba's Declining Wild Berries and Medicinal Plants Found To Be In Sickly Condition; Farm chemicals remain the prime suspect.   First Nations Researchers.