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Member of Parliament Plays Both Ends Against the Middle. (Letter & video)

Dear Editor, Methinks my Member of Parliament, Robert Sopuck, (l.) speaks with forked tongue. The Honourable Mr. Sopuck (Conservative, Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette) recently rose in the Commons to brag about his government's multi-million dollar "national conservation plan." The plan, he promised, "will mobilize action across all regions for stewardship and conservation."  But, alas, in his last mail-out to householders, he sings a different song. In it, he once again "cheerleads" for the re-opening of the long-closed Mt. Agassiz ski resort in Riding Mountain National Park. 

Let's Kill Off the Most Criminal Corporation in the World

Hey wild one, The next issue of  Adbusters , hitting newsstands worldwide in a couple of weeks, is our  CORPO  issue. It asks this one profound question: in the age of Citizens United, can civil society — we, the people — still work up some leverage over corporate power?