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Monsanto May Have Just Met Their Match: Beekeepers.

Sum    Of + Us Help Mexico's Beekeepers Stand up to Monsanto. Story here.

Evaluating Soybean Varieties for Suitability in Organic Production Systems in Manitoba, Canada.

Manitoba Co-Operator Organic growers in Manitoba have limited options right now. Story here. A soy crop in Manitoba, genetically-engineered to resist the herbicide, Roundup.  An estimated 90% of all such crops are manipulated in this fashion,  resulting in copious use of such chemicals. P in P photo.

'Severe' Drought Covers Nearly 99.8% of California, Report Says

Los Angeles Times Drought conditions may have leveled off across California, but nearly 100% of the state remains in the third-harshest category for dryness, according to the latest measurements.  Story here. Puddles of water are all that remain in some areas of the San Gabriel River's West Fork in the Angeles National Forest, revealing the effects of the prolonged drought. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)