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Herbicide Resistance a Global Food Threat

Laura Rance - Winnipeg Free Press Ground sprayer. Larry Powell -  P  in P photo. For decades, the experts have treated the growing problem of herbicide-resistant weeds as something solvable by the next new chemical or biological breakthrough.  Now, more are stepping back and acknowledging it as a symptom of a much bigger issue in agriculture. Story here.

Volcano Shows Japan Needs a Green Revolution

By: William Pesek -  Winnipeg Free Press With the discovery of a 47th body on the slopes of Mt. Ontake, the volcano’s eruption is now Japan’s deadliest in 88 years. It’s impossible not to worry about an even bigger volcanic threat that lies just 90 miles from Tokyo: Mt. Fuji (above). All this has both seismologists and anti-nuclear activists asking anew whether the most earthquake-prone nation in the developed world should be restarting its 48 nuclear reactors....  Story here.

Canadian Scientists Rail Against Imposed Ignorance

OurWindsor.Ca By    Carol Goar From the Montreal Gazette A group of Toronto scientists makes a successful foray into the realm of public  advocacy. Story here.

Efforts Fail to Save Mersey Biodiversity Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada

The Queen's County Advance Lake whitefish.  Image via NYSDEC. The holding ponds used to raise salmon were filled in with gravel by Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans earlier this year. The fish hatchery cannot run without them. Story here.