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The Inventors Of A ‘Revolutionary’ Climate Solution Just Won A Nobel Prize

CLIMATE PROGRESS Three men who together helped increase the energy efficiency of lighting systems across the world have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced Tuesday. Story here.

Scathing Report Details Canada’s Environmental Shortfalls

The Globe and Mail Larry Powell - P in P photo. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is not doing enough to reduce carbon emissions, fight climate change and regulate oil and gas emissions, a series of audits from a federal watchdog have found. Story here. Related:   “No Overall Vision:” Scathing New Audit from Environment Commissioner Exposes Canada’s Utter Climate Failure

Feeding the 1 Percent

Grain Since the global food crisis of 2008, there has been a massive wave of private sector investment in agriculture. More money flowing into agriculture means more innovation and modernisation, more jobs and more food for a hungry planet, say the G8, the World Bank and corporate investors themselves. But does it? Story here.