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Harper Named World's 'Worst Climate Villain' After Damning Report

Huffington Post Canada does well at many things.  Earlier this year, Canadian cities were listed among the world's top places to live . The country ranks high with the best when it comes to wealth and it's been praised for emerging from the financial crisis in decent shape.  But there's one category in which Canada ranks dead last among industrialized nations: its efforts to combat climate change. Story here.

Foreign Scientists Call on Stephen Harper to Restore Science Funding, Freedom.

CBC News Open letter warns about effects of Canadian science policy on international collaboration. Story here.

Does CETA Offer Any Real Value to Canadian Farmers?

Manitoba Co-Operator. Trade agreements may offer negative outcomes for Canadians. Story here. Related: " Free Trade: Path to Prosperity - or Back Road to Corporatism?"  

These Two World Leaders Are Laughing While the Planet Burns Up

New Republic Meet earth's worst climate villains; Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Story here.

New Canadian Legislation Will Make Absolutely Clear the Right of Farmers to Save Seed - Agriculture Minister Vows

The Co-Operator The government has introduced amendments to its Agricultural Growth Act to make the language around seed saving clearer. Story here.   Larry Powell P in P photo.

Cree Nation Occupies Hydro-Dam in Manitoba

Council of Canadians More than 100 people from the Cross Lake First Nation (Pimicikamak Cree Nation), located north of Lake Winnipeg, occupied the grounds of the Jenpeg hydro-dam last week. Chief Catherine Merrick said the First Nation is taking control of its traditional territory and evicting Manitoba Hydro. Story here.