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Stop Cruel & Wasteful Fishing Practices - PLEASE SIGN!

Hi Larry, I just wanted to check whether you saw my email from the other day, containing shocking footage from industrial tuna boats? Already an incredible 103,000 emails have gone to Princes and John West, demanding they clean up their tuna. The campaign is taking off - will you add your name too?   For the oceans, Victoria

Spring Heat Wave In Australia Breaks Records Across The Country

CLIMATE PROGRESS Australia’s summer doesn’t start until December, but the country is still baking in a record-breaking spring heat wave. Story here.

Bye Bye Bees? Not If We Can Help It!

Pesticide giant  Bayer wants to introduce ANOTHER bee-killing pesticide  into Canada. We have just one week to convince Health Canada to stand up for the bees. Tell them not to approve this new pesticide! Add your voice Larry -- Pesticide giant Bayer wants our government to approve ANOTHER new bee-killing pesticide  -- and we have just one week to convince Health Canada to stand up for the bees.  If approved, this new pesticide will likely wreak further havoc on our bees, which are already dying in record numbers .  Last winter,  almost 30 percent of Canada's bee colonies were devastated , and strikingly, we lost over half of our bee colonies in Ontario alone. Judging by Bayer's deadly track record, this new pesticide could speed up the complete decimation of the local bee population, which would have catastrophic effects on Canada's food supplies.  The final decision lies in Health Canada's hands, and we have until November 1 to make our voice hear