Friday, 29 May 2015

The US Government Just Released a Plan To Protect The Greater Sage Grouse. Here’s Why You Should Care.

The Department of the Interior Thursday released a long-awaited plan to protect the greater sage grouse, a ground-dwelling bird that was once ubiquitous across the American West but that has seen its numbers plummet as the region’s open sagebrush lands have been lost to energy development, grazing, and catastrophic wildfires. Story here.

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John Fefchak said...

It is indeed sad and unfortunate for the endangered Sage Grouse species in Canada, that Peter Kent,in his former role, and previous Environment Ministers, did not initiate and do some "real" follow up action on this matter, like 10-12 years ago.
Will our Federal Environment Minister stand by her conviction to help save and preserve this most threatened species of grouse in Canada ? A million $ a year, gained in oil revenues , or vs: a bird, doomed by the mighty dollar, forever, to extinction, by humans.(Alberta city, oil company apply to court to quash sage grouse protection)
Personally, I very much fear that this creature of our world will very soon join the long list of extinction,as with the Passenger Pigeon, the Do- Do bird, the Labrador duck, the Great Auk and countless others that humans have managed to eliminate. I hope to be proven wrong.
It is sadly apparent that our so called Environmental / Conservation Ministers
during the years have characterized Rip Van Winkle on this file.
What are your thoughts on this, or do you really care.?

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