Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Guardian Gathers Testimonials for its Fossil Fuel Divestment (Keep-it-in-the-Ground) Campaign

Below are some samples of comments submitted to the Guardian by Canadians.

Among Canadian family physicians, there is a growing recognition that climate change is a medical issue, both locally (with increasing heat waves and severe winter weather in Canada), and for those of us involved in international healthcare projects abroad.

physician in Toronto, Canada
Pollinators are indicator species to the health status of the environment. Their decline in abundance and species diversity are warning signals of the environment being under stress. To deny that the release of billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere has no impact on climate borders on the absurd. The true impact of our collective failure will be experienced by those not yet born.

provincial apiculturist at British Columbia, Canada
Too much pseudo-science funded by vested industrial interests; too few governments able to think for themselves or promote the public good. Inspired, independent, intelligent private philanthropy can fill the gap. To do this work you have to expunge your cognitive dissonance. We don't want to be supported at the expense of social and environmental justice. Blood money is not worth the paper on which it is printed.

Marine ecologist, Canada

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