A Promising Organic Opportunity in Manitoba!

Dear Readers, 

I'm taking the unusual step of placing an ad on this blog - for a very good reason. The property advertised here (a 6-acre rural site near the Town of Roblin, in west-central Manitoba), holds wonderful promise for anyone interested, either in starting up or expanding an existing organic operation.

See Google map here. 

This location is roughly midway between Dauphin, MB and Yorkton, SK and not far from major recreational centres such as Duck Mountain Park, Asessippi Ski Resort and Lake-of-the-Prairies.

I inherited the property from my parents many years ago. I sold it in 2013, for health reasons. My efforts to find a buyer who would continue our tradition of organic market gardening on the site, were not successful. The buyer at the time, who simply wanted a quite place to live, is now selling it again. 

I would personally like nothing more than to see someone passionate about organic production, take it over and carry on a tradition I had observed for many years. 

The organic movement needs to expand and thrive! Here is a chance for someone who feels the same, to begin an exciting new career in a beautiful location. The farmers' market in nearby Roblin is booming, as are ones in Yorkton, Dauphin and Winnipeg.

If you are interested, please check out the realty company ad here.