Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Manitoba Renews Support For Manure Management Financial Assistance Program

Government of Manitoba

Funding for the Manure Management Financial Assistance Program (MMFAP) has been renewed for another year to help ensure all eligible farmers have an opportunity to make improvements that will benefit their operations and the environment, Agriculture, Food and Rural Development Minister Ron Kostyshyn announced today.

"We know Manitoba's farmers want to do their best for the long-term sustainability of the land, the water and their business," said Minister Kostyshyn.  "This program has been a valuable resource for pig producers who want to implement better manure management practices and, as a result, we will be extending funding for one more year.  Just as importantly, the changes implemented through MMFAP help reduce the amount of phosphorus and other nutrients that end up in Lake Winnipeg, which will improve and protect water quality."

Since it was introduced in 2011, the MMFAP has invested more than $8.4 million in 92 Manitoba hog operations to:
* build additional manure storage capacity on pig farms with less than 300 animal units to eliminate the need for winter application,
* repair manure storage structures and reduce the risk of leakage, and
* install manure treatment systems to better manage manure phosphorus.

"Manitoba Pork is pleased the government has renewed the MMFAP for another year," said George Matheson, chair, Manitoba Pork Council.  "This program is helping Manitoba pork producers find solutions to manure management problems."

The government contribution can be used for up to 65 per cent of project costs, to a maximum of $100,000 for manure storage repairs, $125,000 for new manure storage systems or $375,000 for manure treatment projects.

To be eligible for the program, an applicant must be incorporated and own, rent, lease, manage or control agricultural land used to produce pigs, the minister said, adding they must also have completed an environmental farm plan.

The application deadline is July 10.  For more information, visit under Environment or visit a local GO Office.

For more information on Manitoba's agricultural programs and services, follow the Twitter account here. 

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PinP said...

Is this another death-bed bailout (with tax dollars) of a dying industry?

John Fefchak said...

The people of Manitoba, and taxpayers all, have bailed this sinking (stinking) ship,
many times.
Now is the time for the people to tell our government,NO MORE. There has to be
a brand new ship and let this one sink. It’s been on the rocks too many times.

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