Sunday, 12 July 2015

How Canada's Enviro-Minister Spent Her Day Not Attending a Climate Summit


What was so important that kept Leona Aglukkaq, an Inuk environment minister —the first ever to be appointed to a federal cabinet role — away from those talks? Story here. 


PinP said...

What a total embarrassment and waste of skin!

John Fefchak said...

The Environment role is a very important, perhaps the most important of all portfolios within our government's.
If Leona Aglukkaq had the will and fortitude to apply herself to protecting Canada's environment, as it must and should be protected, I am afraid she would not last long in the Harper regime. There are so many pit bull Industry/Resources ministers that will oppose her concerns and cares as they ambitiously seek development progress, at any cost, and to hell with any needed protection.
As the sixth Environment Minister in the Harper Conservative Government in nine years. I would wish her all the best and success in her undertaking, but I'm afraid that if she attempts and proceeds to do, what is so desperately needed, candidates number seven and eight are waiting in the wings, just off stage, to replace her.
It is now, my conclusion that she has been assimilated by the Harper regime and has simply become a figure head in a role that is so very desperate of leadership and action.

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