Friday, 14 August 2015

Untouchable: The Climate Case Against Arctic Drilling

Common Dreams

A new reality is setting in in the region – a reality of a changing climate, and the scramble of Big Oil to move in where sea ice is disappearing. Story here.

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This is Shell's dream. The Canadian government just gave it permission to drill for oil off Nova Scotia's cost — and the company doesn't need to cap an oil blowout for 21 days. Please sign!!!

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John Fefchak said...

Minister Aglukkaq, has made claims, that Canada is taking an international leadership role by delivering environmental and economic benefits. As far as I am concerned that is simply political bafflegab on her part.
At one time, I had hopes that this Minister would do the job of looking after and protecting the environment, waters, etc. as it should and must be done. Sadly now, I realize, she has been totally assimilated into the Harper Borg Program and takes her cues from the consortium. Hopefully, her nations people will recognize her shameful actions, and chastise her with the dishonour that she warrants, in disrespecting her role as a guardian to Mother Earth and Nature.

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