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A Big Garden Chain Has Stopped Selling "Neonics!" Thanks For Signing!

Larry, We’re buzzing: Lowe’s, one of the world’s biggest home and garden retailers, just announced it’s no longer going to sell bee-killing "neonic" pesticides. There’s no way Lowe’s would have done this without you and almost a million other SumOfUs members. Together with Friends of the Earth, SumOfUs members have been pushing Lowe’s to save the bees for almost two years -- and it worked! We’re at a critical moment in the fight to stop the mass bee die-off  -- with this move, we can push other big retailers and governments to save the bees as well. Here are three easy ways you can help right now: 1. Make a donation to keep the momentum up -- your gift will supercharge the Save the Bees campaign! 2. Share this image on your Facebook wall celebrating this huge victory for the bees! 3. Forward this email to five of your friends and show them that people power works.