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The US Government Just Released a Plan To Protect The Greater Sage Grouse. Here’s Why You Should Care.

climate progress The Department of the Interior Thursday released a long-awaited plan to protect the greater sage grouse, a ground-dwelling bird that was once ubiquitous across the American West but that has seen its numbers plummet as the region’s open sagebrush lands have been lost to energy development, grazing, and catastrophic wildfires. Story here.

In Face of Rising Climate Movement, Tar Sands on Life Support: Report

Common Dreams Evidence of struggling tar sands sector suggests opportunity to slow the rate of growth 'significantly.’ Story here.

The Tar Sands Sell-Out

the guardian The Canadian town that sold itself to tar sands. Story here.

Province of Manitoba Losing Fight Against Zebra Mussels

Winnipeg Free Press Zebra mussels are here to stay. The challenge now is controlling their spread, a challenge the province appears to be losing in part due to errant boaters. Story here.

Obama: ‘Best Climate Scientists’ Link Hurricanes, Climate Change

THE  HILL President Obama said Thursday the link between more extreme weather and climate change is undeniable, and that the world’s best scientists have made a conclusive connection. Story here.