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Documents Just Leaked From the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Spell Bad News For Our CBC.

Some Of Us If the TPP passes, Crown corporations like the CBC could be required to operate entirely for profit. And worse -- this move could force the CBC to be privatized. The mission of the CBC is to tell the bilingual and multicultural story of Canada – and if this deal passes, its only goal will be corporate profit. Canadian politicians are extremely vulnerable to public pressure right now as they head into one of the longest election campaigns in Canadian history -- let's make sure our CBC is protected and not sold off for profit. Sign the petition to Prime Minister Harper and the Party Leaders: Scrap the TPP and save the CBC! The leaked document from Wikileaks shows that CBC, Canada Post and other Crown corporations could be forced into operating solely for profit if the TPP deal is passed. Harper was gunning to pass the secretive and extreme TPP deal before the election was announced so he wouldn't have to answer to voters on the campaign trail. B