Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Science Will Dictate Design of Winnipeg Sewage Plant

CBC News
The Pallister government has opened the door a crack for Winnipeg to re-examine upgrades to the North End sewage-treatment plant, the most expensive capital project on the city's books. Story here.


John Fefchak said...

They speak in riddles and only interested in "What it costs to construct", Nothing, for the sake of Lake Winnipeg?

Sewage treatment plant timeline remains unknown. 21 June. Wpg Sun Newspaper."Nitrogen and Phosphorus"
The city's manager of engineering services for water and waste has stated, "the city must avoid rushing to ensure the $795-million upgrade to remove "nitrogen and phosphorus" from the plant's effluent is done right the first time".
When did this change come about; or was he speaking without thinking? The removal of nitrogen was extremely controversial, during Mayor Katz time in office and the NDP government eventually relented to the pressures of the critics, not to make it compulsory at that time. What happened?

John Fefchak said...

Science will Dictate Design of Winnipeg Sewage Plant.
Yes, we all have heard that phrase many times.
The question that I ask is …Which scientist(s) are you placing your bet on?
Prof Eva Pip, a renown scientist in the field of different algal and the waters of winnipeg
highly recommended that removal of "nitrogen" along with phosphorus. The Province
Prof. David Schindler, also a noted scientist, with the blessing of mayor Sam Katz, said
removal of nitrogen was not critically important during the initial phase, but could be considered
at a later time.
So much for science? In the end it all peculates down to The $$dollars and politics. The algal
problems in the waters of Lake Winnipeg need the best, but came in last.

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