Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Winnipeg Home to New ‘Bacon Centre of Excellence’

Manitoba Co-Operator
More of the bacon people bring home will soon come from an expanded Maple Leaf plant in Winnipeg. Story here.


PinP said...

If I were seeking a charity to donate to, I can't think of a more worthy one than Maple Leaf Foods; to make bacon - that shining choice of nutritionists everywhere. Thanks to our politicians for so wisely investing our hard-earned tax dollars in such a "needy" venture. All the while, I imagine Manitoba's child poverty rate continues to remain high, as usual. At least now they can eat bacon. I have come up with a 3-word "title" for our "leaders," federal and provincial. "Category Five Morons."

John Fefchak, Virden said...

Category Five Idiots…..An appropriate Title.
Killing and economy and the price of pork. Government(s) are far too generous with taxpayers dollars. Maple Leaf should not be entitled to our money for any expansion, and the production increase will only mean further problems for our environment, Lake Winnipeg and waters in Manitoba and other provinces. To meet this bacon production increase being pushed up by 8 million kilograms will require an additional 8 hundred thousand butcher hogs on the killing line. What will the value added concept be?.....the additional untreated waste that will be created to further threaten provincial waters.? The waste equivalent of of 4 million people. Is this the investment pay back, many times over.?
This subsidy would have been better spent helping to clean -up the most polluted Lake in all the world.

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