This Momentous Event - a Huge Indigenous Protest Over an OIl Pipeline, Predictably Got Precious Little Coverage in Major US Media. (Video)

(And what coverage there was, was distorted. - Video by Democracy Now.)


PinP said…
According to Food & Water Watch, an advocacy group campaigning for clean water, two Canadian banks are among several wealthy financial institutions bankrolling the disastrous Dakota Access pipeline. That's right, it's the one causing grief and heartache for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in North Dakota, going right through their traditional territory, desecrating sacred burial grounds and threatening to contaminate their precious river water. Apparently the Bank of Nova Scotia has loaned those behind the project some $100 million, the Royal Bank of Canada another 341 million, for a cool total of almost half-a-billion bucks. I've avoided these soulless devils like the plague for years and done my banking at Credit Unions. You?
PinP said…
The private thugs hired by Enbridge to turn attack dogs on the protesters, are America's true domestic terrorists. May they rot in Hell.

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