Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Brace for War - Against Trump's Impending Attacks on the Environment.

Dear Larry,
The election is over. Donald Trump is our next President.
There is no sugar-coating this. Trump is a grave threat to everything we stand for. He could unravel decades of hard-fought victories for people and the planet.

But that doesn’t mean you and I can stand by and do nothing while Trump tears apart our environmental protections. The stakes are too high.
The clock is ticking on preventing climate chaos. Bayer and Monsanto are poised to take control of even more of our food system. And Donald Trump is counting on us to give up and let it happen.
So we must join together, combine our strength, and stand proud to protect our precious Earth and all the life it supports.
It’s clear that President Trump will be the greatest threat to the environment in living memory.
He’ll fuel climate chaos by digging up even more dirty fossil fuels. He’ll “cancel” the Paris climate agreement. And he’ll undo President Obama’s Clean Power Plan -- all while increasing giveaways to Big Oil and Big Ag. But there’s only so much Trump can do alone.
The Democrats still have the power of the filibuster. We’ll push them to use it to stop dangerous bills from making it to Trump’s desk. And we’ll turn up the heat on Congress to reject the TPP.
We’re also going to take the fight outside Washington. For the next four years, we’ll work to pass state laws to protect our planet. And we’ll push companies like Kroger and Olive Garden to help end destructive farming practices.
By supporting Friends of the Earth, you’ll make it possible to defend our Earth from attacks from the Trump Administration.
It’s going to be an uphill battle for the next four years. But we can’t let Donald Trump think for one minute that we’ll let him get away with destroying our environment.
Starting today, we need to be there to stop Trump every time he tries to put polluters ahead of the planet. Stand with us and we’ll be strong together.
Erich Pica,
Friends of the Earth

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