Wednesday, 30 November 2016

First Nations, environmentalists vow 'long battle' on approved Kinder Morgan pipeline


Kinder Morgan, business groups cheer announcement as 'defining moment' for Canada's energy industry. Story here.


John Fefchak said...

Pipelines; are the Worst way to Move Oil, except for all the Rest! . Economy Rules … as the Harper Conservatives so openly supported as government.
Water is a Finite Resource, which must be protected for now and future generations .
Suggestions have been made that pipeline critics should try and live without oil and those products
derived from oil, when they express grave concerns about pipelines and pollution to water sources.
Reported pipelines leaks / ruptures / etc. are averaging 4-6 on a weekly basis. Many occur very close to or in water.
The unreported ones are unknown. I am of the opinion these recent pipeline approvals will be no different then others.
They will LEAK and POLLUTE…..the unanswered question is WHERE and WHEN! How soon our government has ignored the terrible oil spills and water contamination in the past two decades. There are many…Too many.
How precious is our water? How soon we forget ?
Only recently, Prince Albert, SK. declared a local state of emergency when 225,000 litres of oil from a Husky Energy pipeline leaked into the North Saskatchewan River, polluting their water source for drinking.
No, in this day and age, it would be quite a challenge to live without oil.
But what about our water?…. No challenge or problem there, as without clean water to drink
human life might continue to exist for up to one week! .

John Fefchak said...

Yes, there are many concerns being expressed about the environment, and rightly so. However, those concerns will be put aside and dealt with….when the inevitable happens..and Canada and the Canadian public will be confronted with the exorbitant clean-up costs.( $$$) The Exxon Valdez oil spill (1989) and the Gulf, BP oil disaster (2010) are grim reminders, and lessons….but it seems our government has not learned from these catastrophes, and despite the warnings and perils,will proceed, at all costs and headlines await. e.g: Regretfully our water and environment has succumbed to the asinine economic exploitations of our leaders.

Something we should all realize. "This old earth will get by quite nicely without humans, but humans will not survive if they destroy what we all need to survive", …….WATER , our most precious resource.
Prime Minister Trudeau is acting as an economic advocate in this matter.

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