Saturday, 3 December 2016

Health Canada Will Take Dangerous Bee-Killing Pesticide Off The Market

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Health Canada’s PMRA has announced imidacloprid, one of the oldest and most widely used neonicotinoid pesticides, is being taken off the market

A Manitoba honeybee colony. PinP photo. 
It’s been found in just about every water body and it’s considered harmful to aquatic species and to creatures such as birds dependent on the aquatic species. Unfortunately, the PMRA is proposing a long 3-year phase-out. With your help, we want to accelerate this phase-out.

PinP: Oddly enough,  Health Canada did not even consider risks to pollinators in this re-evaluation. That will happen in a separate "risk assessment."  

Health Canada Release

The environmental assessment showed that, in aquatic environments in Canada, imidacloprid is being measured at levels that are harmful to aquatic insects. These insects are an important part of the ecosystem, including as a food source for fish, birds and other animals. Based on currently available information, the continued high volume use of imidacloprid in agricultural areas is not sustainable.

The environmental assessment also found that there is a potential risk to birds and small mammals from feeding on seeds that are treated with imidacloprid, however, it is expected that good agricultural practices and equipment could reduce this type of exposure.

The health assessment did not identify human health concerns from any exposure route when used according to current label standards.

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