Thursday, 22 December 2016

Shameless: Public lands handed over to the coal industry


This attack on wild forest land is just one example of the kind of threats 
we will face in the next four years.

Our public lands are under attack. Help us fight back!

Dear Larry,
Christmas came early for Arch Coal this year. On Monday, the Obama 
administration opened up 20,000 acres of wild Colorado forest to 
bulldozing for coal mining.
This was a shameful giveaway of our public lands, but we stand prepared to fight back. 

Will you help us win?
The coal mining loophole to the Colorado Roadless Rule opens the door to mining 170 
million tons of coal and jumpstarts President-elect Trump’s attack on the climate!
Arch Coal‘s West Elk mine could get the green light to expand within weeks. 
Its pending application to mine 1,700 acres of roadless forest and build 6 miles of 
road and 48 drilling pads right next to the West Elk Wilderness Area would be 
disastrous for this pristine public land.
We’re wasting no time and preparing to fight back, using the most powerful tool available
—the law. But we need your help!
In 2012, when the Forest Service imposed this loophole to the Roadless Rule, we fought tooth 
and nail until the U.S. district court ruled in our favor two years later. We stand ready to keep 
fighting, but we need you by our side.
This attack on wild forest land near the West Elk Wilderness is just one example of the 
kinds of threats we will face in the next four years. President-elect Trump has already 
attacked our environment, our climate and our progress through his words and appointments. 
His cronies in Washington are executives and lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry’s biggest polluters
—and biggest profiteers.
Thank you for all that you do,

Ted Zukoski 
Staff Attorney 
Rocky Mountain Regional Office

P.S. We can’t let corporate polluters destroy our precious public lands. 
Make an urgent tax-deductible gift by December 31 and your gift will be matched $1-for-$1.

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Larry Powell said...

Obama has proven to be a strange cat. A mix of the best & worst. Isn't it ironic that this latest threat comes, not form Trump, but from the President who has done such otherwise good work toward a better world?

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