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Paris Floods Made Almost Twice as Likely by Climate Change, Say Scientists

the guardian Manmade global warming greatly increased the risk of extreme rain affecting the French capital, analysis shows. Story here.

Shell’s Retreat From Canadian Arctic Creates Space for Arctic Protection

Greenpeace Canada Earlier this week on World Oceans Day we were greeted with some wonderful and exciting news : Shell announced it was giving up all its offshore exploration permits in the Canadian Arctic! Story here. RELATED:   "Shell Relinquishes Canadian Arctic Drilling Rights"

Atrazine and Glyphosate More Harmful Than Scientists Once Thought

EcoWatch Monsanto marketed its potent weed killer glyphosate —the active ingredient in  Roundup —and the corn and soybeans genetically engineered to withstand it, by claiming it would replace other, more toxic weed killers such as atrazine. But, it didn’t happen. Story here.

"Mother is ill." Earthwatch - Video.