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Science Will Dictate Design of Winnipeg Sewage Plant

CBC News The Pallister government has opened the door a crack for Winnipeg to re-examine upgrades to the North End sewage-treatment plant, the most expensive capital project on the city's books. Story here.

May 2016 Arctic Sea Ice Plunges Toward Record Low Data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) shows that average Arctic sea ice extent during May 2016 set a new record low for the month of May over the period of satellite observations which goes back to 1979. Story here.

Beneath the Caribbean Sea, a Wastewater Problem Lurks Unnoticed

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE The Caribbean has long been hailed as a vacationer’s paradise, with its coral reefs, bioluminescent bays, white sand beaches and rainforests. Yet there’s a problem lurking beneath the sparkling sea—untreated wastewater. Story here.