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Wildfire Derails Chemawawin Students' Ceremony in Manitoba

CBC News ‘I’ve been waiting for this for 12 years,’ says 18-year-old Rikki Houle.  'This is how we're going to remember our grad.'  Story here . RELATED: Easterville, Chemawawin Cree Nation in Manitoba Evacuated Due to Forest Fire

Study Links 6.5 Million Deaths Each Year to Air Pollution

The New York Times A sobering report by the International Energy Agency   says air pollution has become a major public health crisis leading to around 6.5 million deaths each year, with “many of its root causes and cures” found in the energy industry. Story here.

Dig Deeper - Crop Performance in Farming Systems Trial

RODALE INSTITUTE In its 35 th year of existence, the Farming Systems Trial (FST) at Rodale Institute continues to demonstrate, through scientific research data, that organic farming is superior to conventional systems with regard to building, maintaining and replenishing the health of the soil. This is the key to regenerative agriculture as it provides the foundation for its present and future growth. Story here.

As Southwest US Burns, Climate Scientists Warn: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Common Dreams "If we continue with business-as-usual burning of fossil fuels, by mid-century what we think of as extreme summer heat today will become a typical summer day." Story here.


GOV'T. OF MANITOBA Manitoba Sustainable Development advises a voluntary evacuation is underway in some areas of the Whiteshell following heavy rains as resulting high water has caused deteriorating road conditions. A number of roads will wash out leaving cottage owners stranded.  Officials are contacting cottage owners in the following areas and recommending they evacuate: • Block 5, Caddy Lake; • cottage owners east of Block 9 on PR 312; and  • no vehicle access south of the ambulance garage on South Shore Road in Falcon Lake. The road to Florence and Nora Lakes is also washed out, and the Mantario Trail is closed until further notice. Residents and cottage owners only can call 1-204-349-2201 for information between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. today and tomorrow.