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Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Reminds World That Climate Change is Very Real

Nation of Change The Opening Ceremony at the Rio 2016 Olympics Games may have opened up with a dance party, but it was a video on climate change watched by roughly 3.3 billion that made people stop what they were doing and focus on human-made pollution. Story here.

Honey Bee Population Drop by 12% Worldwide

Aussie Network News                                                                                                                           PinP photo. Experts around the world have warned that bee population is declining. Now, a study reveals that the number of honey bee colonies dropped by almost 12 percent last winter. Story here.

The Town That Reveals How Russia Spills Two Deepwater Horizons of Oil Each Year

  the guardian Oil spills caused by old pipelines are relatively small in Russia and rarely garner widespread attention - but added up they threaten fish stocks and pasture for cattle. Story here.