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Humans are Poisoning the Ocean—and It's Poisoning Us Back

CommonDreams  Photo by  Fabio Grasso New study shows deadly bacteria levels spiking in North Atlantic as ocean temperatures rise. Story here.

Canadian Military Official Fears Pipeline Will Lead to "Disaster of Epic Proportions"

NATIONAL OBSERVER PinP photo Canada's Department of National Defence (DND) has serious concerns that a major pipeline project proposed by Calgary-based energy company TransCanada Corp. will lead to a "disaster of epic proportions," reported Radio-Canada on Tuesday, based on a series of internal emails. Story here.

How Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica Breathed New Life Into Their Degraded Lands

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE This is the third instalment of our  Restoration Global Tour   blog series. The series examines restoration success stories in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America. Tune in over the coming months for additional installments, or check out our  Restoration Diagnostic   for more information. Story here.

Humanity Just Ate Through Planet's Annual Resource Budget Faster Than Ever

CommonDreams  A clearcut forest in Canada. ...and it's only August. That's the fastest pace yet. Story here.