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Closing the High Seas to Fishing Could Save Coastal Fisheries

EcoWatch Researchers from the University of British Columbia say that closing the high seas to fishing could help coastal fisheries, increasing catches by 10 percent. But our waters are now more polluted than ever, threatening the entire food chain. Story here.

Obama Promises Huge Marine Reserve (Video)

The world's largest protected area is now four times the size of California. — AJ+ (@ajplus) September 1, 2016

UK Government to Ban Microbeads From Cosmetics by End of 2017

the guardian Found in beauty products, tiny pieces of plastic which can harm marine life will be banned from sale in the UK from the end of 2017, government will announce. Story here.

Editorial: Canada Called Out on Our Dirty Little Secret

Laura Rance - Manitoba Co-Operator  Canola field - PinP photo. The world is full of customers who think they are special. Story here.

Millions of Honeybees Killed in Attempt to Prevent Zika

EcoWatch Aerial spraying of the pesticide naled in a South Carolina county, done in an attempt to prevent Zika-infected mosquitoes from gaining a foothold in the state, resulted instead in the massacre of millions of honeybees . Story here.