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Monsanto is Dead. Now What?

Manitoba Co-Operator The lightning rod for resentment won’t be there to kick around anymore. Story here.

Longest Historic Temperature Record Stretches Back 2 Million Years

nature Suggests greenhouse gases may warm planet more than previously thought. Story here.

Arctic Ice Melt is Killing Birds And Will Leave Caribou Stranded

New Scientist An Ivory Gull. Will they be next? jomilo75  photo The ongoing loss of sea-ice cover is wreaking havoc on ecosystems across the Arctic, and may spell the end of more species than previously thought. Story here.

Shipments of Liquid Nuclear Waste to Begin Soon

Authorities in Canada and the United States are preparing to ship  approximately 150 truckloads of liquid nuclear waste from Chalk River,  Ontario to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina. The material is a  mixture of bomb grade uranium together with a witches’ brew of highly  radioactive fission products dissolved in nitric acid.