Saturday, 12 November 2016

Thousands of Dead Orangutans

Orangutans are being shot, starved, and burned into extinction by ruthless palm oil plantation expansion. We’re demanding that PepsiCo stop fuelling the demand for irresponsibly sourced palm oil, which is killing the orangutans. Will you chip in CA$2?

Dear Larry,
Thousands of orangutans in Borneo are killed every year -- shot, starved, and burned to death as their rainforest home is destroyed. Unless action is taken to protect them, they will likely be extinct in ten years.
It's all because of a ruthless effort by the palm oil industry to deforest as much of the island as possible to make room for their destructive palm oil plantations.
As their habitat burns, orangutans go hungry. Many starve, while others leave the forest in a desperate search for food and are then often shot by palm oil plantation workers.
The only way that orangutans will be saved is if big food corporations like PepsiCo stop buying palm oil from producers that are destroying the orangutans' habitat. Will you chip in CA$2 to help turn up the pressure on PepsiCo before it's too late?
Already, almost half of Borneo's forests have been destroyed, as industrial palm oil has taken over the island. And this summer, the Bornean orangutan was designated as critically endangered--that means it's just short of complete extinction.

Tell President Obama: Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Dear Larry,
As you read this, thousands of Indigenous Peoples are camped along the banks of the Missouri River in North Dakota. They’re fighting to protect their land and water from the construction of the Dakota Access oil and gas pipeline. And it’s up to the President to decide.

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