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Shameless: Public lands handed over to the coal industry

EarthJustice This attack on wild forest land is just one example of the kind of threats  we will face in the next four years. Our public lands are under attack. Help us fight back! Help us fight back using the most powerful tool available—the law—and your tax-deductible gift will be matched $1-for-$1. Dear Larry, Christmas came early for Arch Coal this year. On Monday, the Obama  administration opened up 20,000 acres of wild Colorado forest to  bulldozing for coal mining. This was a shameful giveaway of our public lands, but we stand prepared to fight back. 

A Changing Climate Hits Coffee Harvest on The Slopes of Kilimanjaro.

environment360 Rising temperatures and changing precipitation are taking a toll on coffee farms worldwide, including the plantations around Mount Kilimanjaro. If the world hopes to sustain its two billion cup-a-day habit, scientists say, new climate-resilient species of coffee must be developed. Story here.