Chronicling the Misdeeds of my Member of Parliament. (Opinion)

by Larry Powell

While he has never gotten my vote, Robert Sopuck managed to climb aboard the tide of rural populism in 2010, becoming a loyal team player for Stephen Harper and MP from the Dauphin/Swan River/Neepawa riding, where he remains to this day. He's a member of the Conservative Party of Canada which I've lovingly re-named, "The Cynical Party of Canada."

Sopuck's latest transgression (now making the rounds on social media), captures him insulting the Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May in the House by suggesting she can't handle numbers. The Speaker ordered him to apologize (which he did sullenly and reluctantly). 
Above is the newspaper ad Sopuck is running at Easter. (So much for separation of church and State.)

This is the same MP who:

  •  has supported in the House, the brutal practise of "shark-finning" where sharks (often endangered species) are harvested for their fins only & thrown back alive into the ocean:
  •  spoken in favour of the asbestos industry, arguing the product is safe:
  •  refused to attend an important election forum in his riding on child poverty (which all other candidates attended):
  •  labelled as "anti-semitic" those who campaign for justice for Palestinians: 
  • posted a video from a Commons Committee hearing, showing him browbeating a hapless Environment CA scientist into "admitting" that climate change was really no big deal in CA because we "contribute so little," and:
  • Posted another video of him hunting in the Yukon. The title? "The Making of a Legend." 
    His latest insult of Elizabeth May is just another in a long line of incidents depicting a man with a Messiah complex who thinks he can behave like a jerk and still get re-elected. Maybe in the next campaign, we need to show him that he cannot.

    Really Bob, is this the way Jesus would behave? You had better watch out, because He is coming back, you know! Let's hope it's not in your lifetime, tho. Hasn't He suffered enough already?


    John Fefchak said…
    I take it…that you do not exchange Christmas cards on a regular basis!

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