Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Why are fire seasons longer? People.

High Country News

New research finds illegal campfires, cigarette butts and other accidental ignitions have nearly tripled the (US) wildfire season. Story here.

Coconino National Forest, Arizona. 
Jonathan Horn photo.

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PinP said...

i would not question what this research shows - that humans are increasingly providing the "sparks" which set off these infernos through their own stupid and irresponsible behaviour. But, we also need the kind of tinderbox conditions brought on by manmade climate change, to set the stage for the disastrous results we are now seeing - earlier & longer fire seasons, more numerous, widespread and intense wildfires. So surely the solution lies in a combination of clampdowns on this kind of dangerous human activity in the great outdoors, along with continued efforts to turn away from our fossil fuel addiction and toward more sustainable energy alternatives.

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