Drought predicted for Alberta this summer

The Western Producer
Farmers in central and northern Alberta should brace for drought this summer, according to AccuWeather. Story here.


Harold said…
Extreme weather events have been with us for all of our time. Seasonal and yearly weather patterns are not Climate change signals. A Climate change signal is measured in 15 year increments. Throughout the worlds history there have been eras/ages of cooling to warming and warming to cooling climate changes. For each era it was "It's here. It's now. It's real". Climate is not weather. The most recent extreme weather event was a drought that lasted 10 years, from 1930 to 1940 and encompassed a large portion of Canada and the United States. Was that a climate change? Could it have been predictable by the previous 10 year weather patterns? Here is another thought for you. Can modern science place the data of the 1920's into their modern equipment and predict the drought of the 1930's and its duration? Was the "climate change" or "weather change" man made? Was the disappearance of the last mini- Ice-age man made; was its disappearance a peril dot ca.?
To learn how to fear through taxation, one only need visit "planet of fear dot com", (planetinperil) but "planet of facts" is a better web site.
PinP said…

Harold, are you saying that 2014, 2015 and 2016 were NOT the hottest on the human record? Are you saying that they do NOT correspond with the highest levels of manmade greenhouse gas emissions in almost a million years? Because, if you do, your quarrel is not with me. It is with the IPCC, NASA, NOAA, NSIDC, the EPA, the National Academies of Science in most countries, the US military, not to mention the Pope. (If you have to ask what those acronyms stand for, I rest my case. You are not informed & should absent yourself from this debate.) You are right about one thing, tho. The climate HAS changed over all of time. But this is the first time we humans are clearly doing the job. Rational people would then try, (by turning from fossil fuels to sustainable sources) to avert the myriad of disasters which are already upon us; floods in CentralEastern Canada, floods around Calgary & Manitoba, wildfires around Ft. Mac., just to mention a few. These are manifestations of a stubborn human society (its industries & its politicians) which refuses to recognize science. As for my blog, I would invite you to visit and get back to me with any FACTUAL INACCURACIES you might detect. If you do not get back, I'LL ASSUME YOU HAVE FOUND NONE. As for the "fear" factor, the only thing which frightens me more than gloomy reports of climate catastrophe, are the number of individuals who refuse to accept science (akin to a cheeky 6 yr-old who informs his math teach, without a shred of evidence that, no, 2 & 2 do NOT equal 4) and keep their heads buried firmly in the sand, lessening the likelihood of a solution, not only for themselves but for the reasonable, rational and realistic among us.