A million tons of feces and an unbearable stench: life near industrial pig farms

the guardian

North Carolina’s hog industry has been the subject of litigation, investigation, legislation and regulation. But are its health and environmental risks finally getting too much? Story here.


John Fefchak said…
In an email, concerning the hog Industry in Manitoba, Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires called the previous manure treatment system “unnecessary, elaborate and costly” and said the province maintains “strong environmental protection and enforcement” without it.
That is quite a statement from an individual with a background of journalism and master of fine arts, and who only very recently was appointed to her present position.
So…. once again, the hog Industry has a benefactor, who is in lock-step with the pork factory producers.
Why can't Manitoban's and Canada have a minister dedicated to the needs of protecting our waters and environment?
Someone with the fortitude, determination and integrity to do what is needed and must be done. We don't need or want wimps for this responsibility.
Where are the Erin Brockovich's in Canada?

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