Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Fire damages ranches in southwestern Alberta

The Western Producer
Damage has been reported to farms and ranches on the perimeter of Waterton Lakes National Park as a wildfire continues to burn in southwestern Alberta. Details here.

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PinP said...

I'm a senior who hoped to visit Churchill on the train one day to see the polar bears. That's on ice, at least for now thanks to historic flooding of the rail line. Waterton Park was also on my bucket list. Who knows what might be left of it now. Thanks climate change. Manmade climate change. Manmade climate change caused by our selfish over-use of fossil fuels. You know. Coal. Natural gas. Oil. It should not be necessary to mention this. But monster storms and wildfires are everyday occurrences nowadays. How many more do we need before out politicians will stop being dinosaurs and get behind a carbon tax? (Likely the most effective way of reducing GHG.) Dinosaurs like Brad Wall, Brian Pallister, Andrew Scheer, the Taxpayers Federation, some farm groups, small business and on and on.

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