Sunday, 3 September 2017

National day of prayer declared because of Hurricane Harvey

Dallas News

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump declared a national day of prayer on Sunday as the Gulf Coast reels from Hurricane Harvey, following the lead of Texas, where on Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott declared Sunday a day of prayer. Story here.

RELATED: Texas official declines aid offer from Quebec, asks for prayers instead.


PinP said...

Remember how Einstein defined insanity? Applying the same solutions to the same problem and expecting different results! Until these fools put their Bibles down and accept solid science, our planet is doomed.

PinP said...

So Texas wants our prayers, not our blankets and sanitation kits! That's a no-brainer! Send the aid to someone else who'll actually appreciate it (or needs it even more)! How about India, Bangladesh or Nepal. The Texas disaster is puny compared to what is happening there. Texas has God. Let HIm save's been working well, so far, right!

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