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Site C Dam Threatens Canada's Largest World Heritage Site: UNESCO

Sierra Club BC Wood Buffalo National Park. Photo credit: UNESCO -    Vincent Ko Hon Chiu  Canada has failed to protect its largest World Heritage Site. Based upon a process initiated by Sierra Club BC, UNESCO visited the Peace River Valley in the fall of 2016 to investigate how the Site C dam endangers Wood Buffalo National Park. UNESCO  strongly criticizes Canada for exposing the park to danger.  Story here.

Trump sued over Keystone XL pipeline

Nation of Change "We cannot stand by and allow oil and gas companies to ruin our climate and pollute our land, water and sacred cultural sites." Story here.

Man handed hefty fine for killing grizzly bear in northern Manitoba

Winnipeg Free Press On Wednesday, Carl Brown Jr. of South Carolina was found guilty of killing an animal that is protected under The Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act. Story here. Photo by Brocken Inaglory.