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20 Million People Could ‘Starve to Death’ in Next Six Months

IPS News Urgent action is needed to save the lives of people facing famine in North Eastern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, the UN leading food and agriculture agency’s chief on April 28 warned. “If nothing is done, some 20 million people could starve to death in the next six months.” Story here. Africa is no stranger to famine.  70 children who died of malnutrition  are buried in this mass grave in the  east - 2011 . Photo by Oxfam.

The grisly truth about B.C.'s grizzly trophy hunt

by David Suzuki Grizzly bears venturing from dens in search of food this spring will face landscapes dominated by mines, roads, pipelines, clearcuts and ever-expanding towns and cities. As in years past, they'll also face the possibility of painful death at the hands of trophy hunters. Story here. US Forest Service photo.