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Opposition Member of Parliament accuses Canada of buying 'lemon' from Kinder Morgan after estimated size of oil spill multiplies by 48 times

NATIONAL OBSERVER The "Kinder Morgan police" arrest those who protest against the project. Photo by Mark Klotz NDP MP Nathan Cullen is accusing the Trudeau government of buying "the biggest lemon in Canadian history," after a dramatic revision of the estimated size of an oil spill that occurred right before it announced a $4.5 billion deal to buy the pipeline involved in the incident. More here.

Ocean Conservation Is an Untapped Strategy for Fighting Climate Change

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE Mangroves in Benin. Such vegetation provides an important  buffer from the ravages of ocean storms and currents. Photo credit - Ji-Elle.  The ocean contributes  $1.5 trillion annually  to the overall economy and assures the livelihood of  10-12 percent of the world’s population. But there’s another reason to protect marine ecosystems—they’re crucial for curbing climate change. More here.