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'Landmark New Research' Links Neonics With Collapse of Fisheries

Common Dreams "Marine Life"   by  Andrey Narchuk  is licensed under  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0  "Just awful, what gruesome harm we are inflicting on the environment." Story here. RELATED: Two stories by Larry Powell. New Studies Show Farm Chemicals Are Affecting More Than Bees. Bird Populations are Declining, Too.  Is modern agriculture’s hold on nature becoming a death grip? Will New Research From Europe Nudge Canada into a "Neonic" Ban?

The Amazon River: A Major Source of Organic Plastic Additives to the Tropical North Atlantic?

Environmental Science & Technology The Amazon empties into the Atlantic. "Flick"  Coordenação-Geral de Observação da Terra/INPE Dissolved surface water concentrations of two important families of plastic additives were found in remarkably high concentrations in the Amazon river plume. Story here.

Why fish ARE getting smaller (Video)


Agricultural impacts of our climate crisis are becoming more apparent

PhysOrg Photo credit - IPCC. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presents a sobering analyses addressing the substantial contributions of agriculture to climate change and the ways the climate crisis is projected to jeopardize global food security if urgent action isn't taken. Story here.