Sunday, 17 June 2012

Robert Sopuck - Environmentalist or Hypocrite?

Dear Editor, 

I've been struck by the irony of recent, published pictures of my Member of Parliament, Robert Sopick. Smiling broadly, he is shown in one, presenting trophies to the winners of a fishing derby and, in the other, in beaming attendance at a sport fishing banquet (below)

A few days later, the government Mr. Sopuck represents, rammed through the all-purpose budget bill which included the gutting of the Fisheries Act. Now, all the Act will allegedly "protect" are those fish that are part of "a commercial, recreational or aboriginal fishery." The old Act protected all fisheries, presumably because fish don't always stop abruptly at the boundaries they have been designated. How naive! As a recent article from a Canadian professor of environmental law suggests, if the fish don't "obey" the new rules imposed by Harper, they could find themselves in mortal danger of strip mines, oil spills, clear cuts and the other hazards posed by this government's wild west, development-at-any-cost mentality.

In his latest flyer, Mr. Sopuck is appealing to his constituents to fly a flag to show their "patriotism." Since patriotism means accepting your government whether it is right or wrong, I guess he'll be needing as much of that as he can get.

Mr. Sopuck, shame on you! Some environmentalist!

If more voters around here don't soon start connecting the dots between the party they keep re-electing, and the destruction it is wrecking on our beautiful country, God help us all!

Larry Powell
Roblin, MB


Anonymous said...

Mr. Sopuck is quite active with actions of which his constituents are unaware.
As for environmentalist,lets chose hypocrite.
There is an area in the east escarpment of riding mountain known for its beauty, valleys and ravines. They are privately owned and hundreds of streams flow through them. They are exquisite with waterfalls and rich with wildlife.
In 2009, Whitemud conservation approved of an ATV trail, to ride a fish (no longer fish in accordance to Sopuck) filled stream.
He was fully aware of such and for four years neither Whitemud Conservation and Area, Ducks Unlimited, Manitoba Habitat, or Delta Waterfowl have stepped in to intervene. Private property owners, not paid to lead male filled non-profit organizations were left to do so on their own.
Mr. Sopuck is to be reminded that a fish is a fish is a fish and that perhaps, he is still a small finned creature in the federal political pool.
His representation of the property owners of the east escarpment has been shameful. As for his respect for our environment, it has been non-existant, perhaps with intent.

Larry Powell said...

Dear Anonymous,

I truly appreciate your commments, although I'm reluctant posting them when I am not sure who you are, how you know what you know, etc. While I have no reason to doubt their authenticity, is it possible to contact me directly, telling me who you are and telling me a bit more about your concerns with the MP in question? (I will continue to protect your identity, I promise), but I would be very interested in exploring your concerns more fully, with a view to publishing more complete details later.
My address is: