Thursday, 28 June 2012

Prime Minister Harper, Where's My Canada?

Dear Larry,

Canada has become a country that I barely recognize. My Canada, the one that respects people and places, has vanished. Since when did this country bully charities, trash environmental laws, thumb its nose at the international community and silence its own citizens?
Columbia Icefield, Jasper Nat'l. Park
Since Harper took office in May of last year, His Canada starts and ends in the Tar Sands. Whatever Big Oil wants, Big Oil gets. Fish, forests, wildlife be damned.
Our government’s actions are appalling. That’s why this Canada Day I’m honouring my country by vowing to bring back my Canada. I invite you to join me by making a gift to ForestEthics Advocacy today. Here’s why.
Like millions of Canadians, I value clean air and water. I take great pride in this country’s stunning landscapes. I believe government is entrusted to act on behalf of its citizens. And I think every voice must count. This is My Canada.
ForestEthics Advocacy is working hard to restore these values that you and I cherish—to bring back the Canada we know and love. A Canada that protects its people from the tyranny of powerful corporate interests…
…A Canada that is blessed with mountains, forests, rivers, salmon, caribou, wolves, the haunting cry of loons, the wind in the trees, and the tranquility of the wild.
This is the Canada I stand behind and believe in. A Canada worth fighting for.
Thank you.
Clayton Ruby, C.M.

Board Chair, ForestEthics Advocacy
B.A., LL.B, LL.M., LL.D. (honoris causa)

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