Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mexico Saves Coral Reef From Over-Development!

Dear Larry,

VICTORY! Cabo Pulmo
coral reef saved!

Mexican President Felipe Calderón just put an end to plans that would have imperiled the marine paradise of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, home to the only living hard coral reef in Mexico’s Gulf of California. Please thank President Calderón for doing the right thing!
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Mexican President Felipe Calderón has just rejected plans for a massive resort complex that could have devastated the marine paradise of Cabo Pulmo, its coral reef and the local community.

This is a huge victory for NRDC and all the local, national and international groups that waged a strong multi-year campaign urging officials to abandon the destructive proposal called Cabo Cortés.

Tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders like you stood strong in vocally opposing this mega-tourism scheme.

Please send a message to President Calderón and thank him for stopping Cabo Cortés in its tracks.


Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is home to the only living hard coral reef in Mexico’s entire Gulf of California. This pristine haven is teeming with whales, porpoises, dolphins, orcas, sharks, sea lions and five of the seven species of endangered sea turtles.

But it was all put at risk by Spanish developer Hansa Urbana, which would have built up 9,400 acres next door with condos, hotels, golf courses, a marina and a private jet port -- imperiling the coral reef’s marine life and the local communities that depend on eco-tourism for survival.

Make no mistake: We may have won this battle, but Cabo Pulmo still lacks permanent protection from industrial development. Now, the region needs a plan to ensure that communities do not have to repeatedly rescue this valuable resource, a sustainable plan that takes advantage of the natural riches of Baja California’s marine ecosystems.

Send your message to President Calderón today. Thank him for halting Cabo Cortés. Then urge him to work with the people of the region to guarantee that this globally-important marine sanctuary will be sheltered from massive development projects forever.

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this hard-won victory. And thank you for fighting alongside NRDC to help save the irreplaceable coral reef and wildlife of Cabo Pulmo.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

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