Friday, 6 February 2015

The Province of Manitoba, Canada May Relax Stringent Rules for New Hog Barns.

Western Producer
Operations in phosphorus-deficient areas of the central Canadian province may be allowed to build new barns without anaerobic digesters. Story here.


John Fefchak, said...

WARNING: Western Manitoba's Water Risks Intensified.

Pilot project -Hog factories proposal to western Manitoba. This article has a familiar ring to it. Let's go back to 2008.

Quote:"Manitoba’s Conservation Minister, Stan Struthers, promises that past mistakes in the way factory hog barns have grown up in parts of the province, will not be repeated elsewhere.

In the face of sustained and sometimes vicious opposition from the hog lobby,
Struthers (also the Minister responsible for the environment) recently piloted a law through the provincial legislature, freezing the development of new factory hog barns in three areas of the province; the Interlake, the Red River Valley and the southeast.
But new ones will still be allowed in the rest of the province!
In that regard, Struthers has reassuring words for people in these areas (like myself) who might fear they will be adversely affected by new barns".end of quote.
This same question remains now, as it did then.

"Why does Minister Struthers,and now other involved parties, indicate that by simply changing locations, polluting industries suddenly become good and caring environmentalists?

With the present, province wide phosphorus rate of over 800 pounds per acre, it will not take very long, that phosphorus will be in a state of over abundance.

john Fefchak said...

Ignorance at a High Level in Manitoba.
Ag. minister, Ron Kostyshyn,is actually ignoring all the work,the studies and legislation that have factually stated; the Hog industry has to change it's ways.
Yet, here they are weaselling their way into something, which I am very much afraid will end up as full scale operations, God forbid, and end up, like in the Interlake, the Red River and eastern Manitoba areas.
And what will they say then, Whoops, we made a mistake!

John Fefchak said...

It may not be a conspiracy, but we do have Manitoba’s Minister of Agriculture discussing plans with the Manitoba Pork Council (MPC) to possibly allow new hog factory barns into the western part of the province on a limited scale.

The victim will surely be Lake Winnipeg itself; for these new barns will not be required to have the "cutting edge technology" required by the "Save the Lake Act," for reducing phosphorus releases into the water.

Surely this is the thin edge of the wedge which will lead to a scuttling of the Act, unanimously approved nearly four years ago by all provincial MLAs. This was a combined effort to help save Lake Winnipeg and Manitoba waters. Why would anyone assume that by simply changing locations, polluting industries suddenly become good and caring environmentalists?

This leaves me with the impression that the two faces of
the Roman God Janus are not just suited to mythology;for the unacceptable scuttling of Lake Winnipeg is beyond reason.

Those hard-learned, and grim lessons of the Interlake, the Red River Valley and southeast areas of the Province must not be taken lightly.

John Fefchak.Virden, MB.