Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Canadian Climate Scientist Wins $50,000 In Libel Lawsuit Against Conservative Newspaper


A prominent Canadian climatologist, Andrew Weaver (l.),  has won his libel lawsuit against The National Post, after a judge decided that the newspaper had published several articles that were both inaccurate and defamatory to his character. Story here.


Andrew Weaver said...

Via Facebook: I am absolutely thrilled with today's BC Supreme Court judgment in my libel case against the National Post, Terence Corcoran, Peter Foster, Kevin Libin and Gordon Fisher.
I initiated the lawsuit in April 2010 after the National Post refused to retract a number of articles that attributed to me statements I never made, accused me of things I never did, and attacked me for views I never held.
I felt I had to take this matter to court to clear my name and correct the
public record. This judgment does precisely that.
I look forward to the defendants publishing a complete retraction and removing the offending articles from electronic databases. I further look forward to them withdrawing consent given to third parties to re-publish the articles and to require them to cease re-publication.
The judgement will appear on the Supreme Court website shorty.

PinP said...

Hooray! A victory for science over media mischief!

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