Who Should Clean Up Big Ag’s Mess in the US? In Canada?

Organic Consumers' Association

A “Cow Palace” in Washington State threatens public health with its acres of untreated animal waste. A city in Iowa spends nearly $1 million a year to keep…Story here.


John Fefchak said…
Manitoba - the province of over 100,000 lakes, and with so much water, we disgracefully neglect to take care and look after our finite water sources as we should.

The situation here is the Factory hog installations that also hides under the skirts of farming. (and not Industry) Excess, untreated waste manure from hogs eventually finds it's way into water sources and Manitoban's can shamefully boast that they live in a Province that has the distinction of having Lake Winnipeg, the World's most polluted lake in the World.

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